Kraker Walkingfloor Owned Trailer Pack v2.0.1 by Kast [1.32]

Trailer is Kraker Walkingfloor v2.0.1. Pack includes, 
-3 Semitrailers: standard, scandinavian type and with tail-lift. And all these 3 type of trailers have variant with Thermo King Refrigeration Unit.
-B-train trailers. (B-link trailer folded and unfolded, b-train with 3 trailers)
-34m double trailer with NTM dolly
-Ownable trailers

-Game version 1.32.xx

-Advanced coupling 
-Trailer lift axle 
-Steer axle
-Company paintjob system
-Animated braces
-LOD Models
-Trailer cables
-Ownable trailers

Changes for v2.0.1
-Fixed some problems

Changes for v2.0
-Update to 1.32.x
-Ownable trailers added
-New box variants added
-Many upgrade options for trailers

NB! Ownable tandem trailer is in main mod, the addon will activate tandems on the old market system

I want to give huge thanks to Nordisch for offering help with the skins, this make the trailer tripel cool :D
Huge thanks to Bora for the wheels and Abasstreppas for taking the time to adjust the shadows pluss the wheels  8-) !
Thanks Kajilius for testing the trailer.
Thank Scs forum community and people who are active to help people, share info about modding!

Trailer: Kast
New skins, textures: Nordisch, Fabry85
Trailer wheels: Bora
B-link trailer wheels, Shadows, Flares: Abasstreppas
SCS for everything

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