Profiliner B-double by Kast [1.32]

Profiliner B-double by Kast

This mod adds b-double for standard profiliner trailers.I added two addons of this mod,as this is very interesting mod type. I had played this mod more times.
                The Main pack is spawning trailers ONLY in Scandinavian countries. One addon is "Trailers Everywhere" and the  other for "Promods countries" where the doubles are allowed! Just place addon above the trailer mod!

                  There are so many features in this mod. There are; the version of this game is 1.32.x, Standalone, Advanced coupling, Trailerlift axel, Animated braces, LOD  Models and there are Trailer cables in this mod.

Author: Kast
Skins: Fabry85
Trailer wheels: Bora
B-link trailer wheels: Abasstreppas


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