Mercedes Actros MP2 and MP3 sound by Leen [1.32]

Mercedes Actros MP2 and MP3 sound *update 3-10-18*

Dear members of this community, today I present you a MB Actros MP3 sound.

The base of this sound is made by Paulnice, but unfortunately there was only a interior sound, so I reworked this sound and add also a exterior sound to the mod, the fan sounds are made by Kriechbaum.

This sound mod contains the click-clack sound of the Telligent gearbox, there a three versions to download, the Telligent gearbox version (click-clack sound) the manual gearbox version and automat version.
There is only one sound for both type (V6 & V8) engines, because it's hard to make a MB V8 sound. The MB V8 sound is so specific I can't get it done.

Thanks to Nico and Maikelnovic for testing this soundmod.

UPDATE 1-10-2018

Compatible with the MB MP2 by ValheinXL

Update 3-10-18

Changlog 3-10-18
New startsound with beep
New retarder sound
Add airhorn to the telligent version

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