Sardnia Map Add-on v0.9 [1.32.x]

Sardnia Map Add-on v0.9 [19/09/2018] [1.32.x]

19.09.2018: version 0.9 is out!

Feature list:
Cities: Olbia, Oristano, Cagliari
Towns: Posada, Orotelli
Roads: SS 131 dcn, SS 131
UI: 17 unique loading screens of Sardinia

Map requires the Scandinavia and Italy DLC and version 1.32 of the game!
Map is fully compatible with other map mods.

Renzo428, Deco13 (base map); gmtavares (adaption, small rebuilds); Topolino (rebuild); FLD (prefabs); EdgeGladiator (sign improvements)


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