Kraker/NTM/VAK/Ekeri Addon for Eugene's Volvo FH&FH16 2012 v1.2 - ByCapital [1.32]

Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Addon for Eugene's Volvo FH &  FH16 2012.

Hi guys today i will give you to Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Addon mod for the Eugene's Volvo FH &  FH16 2012 truck mod. This mod is only comfortable with latest Eugene's Volvo FH &  FH16 2012 mod only. Also this mod is working with new ETS 2 version which is 1.32.

Considering about this mod is developed by Mr Capital and it s latest version is V1.2. This mod gives you to different types of Chassis for all cabs. You can find 6x2 Rigid Rear steer, 6x2 Rigid Rear steer Taglift, 6x4 Rigid, 6x2 Rigid Taglift and 3 different 8x4 chassis.

Also you can customize the side skirts with different types. Mainly you can add the Kraker/NTM/Ekeri custom stickers for your side skirts. Then we can found the cargo boxes. There is many cargo boxes. But remember this you have to first install the Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem addon for RJL Scania rs & r4 by Kast mod.

Finally i would like say this is the awesome mod for Volvo truck mod. You can see how its working by my review video. There is the change log from 1.0 to 1.2 version.

Changelog v1.0 to 1.2
Added dumper body
Updated the whole mod to fit the latest Kast version
Fixed bugs

Kast - Mod base
Eugene - Base truck


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