Ekeri trailers & Ekeri Tandem trailers ADDON by Kast [1.32]

Ekeri Tandem trailers ADDON by Kast

Ekeri trailers,has a selection of variants. There are standard, steeraxle, citytrailer, huckepack, tail-lift, cooler, different lights, doubles, different side covers and real company skins. The main mod restricts doubles only in scandinavia which is same as vanilla game. The game version is 1.32.x.
                This game pack includes;19 variants of the Ekeri trailers, Lumikko carrier coolers, Real company skills, Double trailers, Own wheels, Standalone, Advanced coupling, Trailer lift axel, Company paintjob system, Animated braces and Trailer cables.
                  The changes are in v1.7 and update to 1.32.x.(restrication addons have to be redownload too)

Kast - Trailers
SCS - Everything 


Semitrailer wheels
Abasstreppas - original textures, high poly model 
50keda - low poly base
Kast - wheels

Mid-axle and jumbo trailer wheels

Flares for the LEDs:

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